Frameworks control our thinking

Frameworks – Can’t Stop Seeing Them

A quick segway from Marx.

There’s an old quote about once you buy a car, you suddenly start seeing that same car everywhere.

Frameworks fall into the same category.

So the point of this reading I’ve devoting the next few weeks to is to try and put a framework around this thinking and look at structures. Marx is foundational, and also dynamic, hopefully this will give me a startign point.

In other words, because of the story Quixote tells himself about the significance of his own life, he witnesses the same events as everyone else, but comes away with a completely different set of facts. He reasons soundly from what he sees, but his perception is radically different from how everyone else perceives.

Thus, Quixote has a way of severing rationality from fact. He represents a failure of empiricism — an unreliability arising not from the absence of rationality, but from the stubborn complexity of perception.

The truth is that there is no cure for quixotism. Important as it is to maintain a stable sense of what’s true — or at least a stable set of methods by which we can reliably vet truth claims — facts have never been enough to unite discordant narratives about the way things are.

“To address quixotism we have to stop trying to explain everything in “this one chart” and start paying closer attention to the impact of stories.”


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