Capitalism uses masks to disguide the truth of things

Reading Marx’s Capital, Volume 1, Class 10

Masks and Mirrors

Capitalists and labour are stuck in a cycle of production: production of growth for the capitalist and production of surplus value for the labourer.

As often happens when people are stuck in something they don’t like, and a mirror is held up to it they seek to mask the nature of that reality.

So growth is unequivocally good because it’s a structural necessity that the system has to grow. Productivity is good, so a productive person is good.

For all his faults, Marx is unremitting in questioning underlying assumptions. In a world of fake news, this is more important than ever.

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A type of labour force jiu jitsu

Reading Marx’s Capital, Volume 1, Class 9

A type of labour force jiu-jitsu

Things can’t be uninvented, and that includes capitalism and the manufacturing system. So Marx looks for solutions from within the capitalist mode.

While wanting workers who just follow orders, in order to advance, capitalism needs educated scientists and engineers to maintain and develop its systems.

So there might be a way in here, using the systems that already exist, to develop them in a way that is positive for the worker. A type of labour force jiu-jitsu.

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