It's all about the books


An English major from many years ago, I find myself reading a lot, but have always regretted not synthesising it into anything.

This, combined with a desire for metrics and the quantified self, made me want to put my thoughts together in some sort of organised way.

A blog seemed the obvious way of making this happen.

I started way back in 2010 from the idea of the Five Foot Shelf, a 51-volume anthology of classic works from world literature, compiled and edited by Harvard University president Charles Eliot first published in 1909.

The idea of a Kindle E-Reader and a Gutenberg download of the whole Five Foot Shelf appealed as the perfect combination of portability, tech and an organised programme.

I made it through six volumes, then stopped, not stopping the reading, but getting sidetracked by life.

In December 2016, I decided to start again, this time with Marx as a project. Same inspiration, there are things I should have read.

Hopefully this time things will go a bit more to plan.


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