Capitalism uses masks to disguide the truth of things

Reading Marx’s Capital, Volume 1, Class 10

Masks and Mirrors

Capitalists and labour are stuck in a cycle of production: production of growth for the capitalist and production of surplus value for the labourer.

As often happens when people are stuck in something they don’t like, and a mirror is held up to it they seek to mask the nature of that reality.

So growth is unequivocally good because it’s a structural necessity that the system has to grow. Productivity is good, so a productive person is good.

For all his faults, Marx is unremitting in questioning underlying assumptions. In a world of fake news, this is more important than ever.

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The illusions of capitalism

Reading Marx’s Capital – Vol 1, Class 2

Entering the Matrix

The first lecture had about 830k views, this one has around 136k, so by getting this far, I guess I’m in the top 16% of the class.

The video goes over chapters 1 and 2 of Capital, which is hard and painful reading. From what I read today, this is a good thing as this will help me on the road to superaging, which means you need to do things that make you feel pretty bad — tired, stymied, frustrated.

Kind of sums up my Marx experience so far, like The Matrix, this session challenged me to try and see what underlies the “socially valid” experience of the world

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